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  1. Secondhand definition is - received from or through an intermediary: borrowed. How to use secondhand in a sentence.
  2. second-hand. adj. 1. previously owned or used. 2. not from an original source or experience. 3. (Commerce) dealing in or selling goods that are not new: a second-hand car dealer. adv. 4. from a source of previously owned or used goods: he prefers to buy second-hand. 5. not directly: he got the news second-hand.
  3. second hand [ sek - uh nd -hand for 1 ; sek - uh nd - hand for 2, 3 ] SHOW IPA / ˈsɛk ənd ˌhænd for 1 ; ˈsɛk ənd ˈhænd for 2, 3 / PHONETIC RESPELLING.
  4. Sep 20,  · 1. adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Second-hand things are not new and have been owned by someone else. Buying a second-hand car can be a risky business. a stack of second-hand books. Synonyms: used, old, handed down, hand-me-down [informal] More Synonyms of second hand. Second-hand is also an adverb.
  5. second hand. n. (Horology) a pointer on the face of a timepiece that indicates the seconds. Compare hour hand, minute hand. Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition © HarperCollins Publishers , , , , , , , , ,
  6. thredUP is the world’s largest online thrift store where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes. Find your favorite brands at up to 90% off.
  7. Sep 06,  · Second Hand Stores. One of the major advantages of shopping online is that you can search for the really, really specific things that you’re looking for. Many online secondhand stores will let you filter your search by color, size, brand, and price point to find something matching your exact criteria. 1. ThredUp: I’m a huge fan of ThredUp.
  8. But then, upon getting the Second hand quest and asking Ella, at her house, she cut me off without a word and did not appear at the farm. I asked Jogu, then Tina, and then Gina, all on days they were not busy, to come at my farm and they appeared, but the quest has disapeared in the nether.

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